Negative Effects of Throwing Up

Making yourself vomit is important if you swallow toxic substances or foreign objects. Getting them out of your system fast can save your life. However, choosing to make yourself purge food as a lifestyle choice is a not a good idea. There are psychological impacts, and negative physical side effects as well.

Here will go over the negative effects of throwing up frequently. Damage is done to your teeth, throat, salivary glands, and more.

Teeth and Throat

Forced vomiting can do a great deal of damage to the body. Vomiting can negatively affect a person’s teeth and throat. Vomiting erodes the esophagus and creates tears in it. This can make the throat raw. A person will begin to throw up blood as the esophagus gets more and more damaged. The teeth are also greatly affected. Vomiting can lead to damage of tooth enamel due to the acidity of stomach and digestive acids in the vomit. The teeth begin to rot and turn yellow in appearance, and over time will become brittle. Teeth may actually become so decayed they will fall out. The gums of the mouth can also become affected and sore. This can lead to many oral health problems.

Salivary Glands

Vomiting can cause the salivary glands to increase in size. When the glands are enlarged there is a swelling in the face and neck area. When a person is trying to stop throwing up this can have a negative effect. The swelling of these glands can actually cause a person to bring the food back up involuntarily. This cannot be cured by any medicine. The swelling is caused by the body to compensate the loss of fluid and to retain water.


The body can easily dehydrate due to vomiting. Water and much needed electrolytes are expelled with the food that is thrown up. The loss of this much needed water in the body can lead to serious problems. Not only will the person feel sick and weak, but internal organs are affected as well. The constant dehydration can lead to hypkalemia which affects the kidneys and can lead to various other conditions.

Nutrition and Minerals

When a person throws up they deprive their body of minerals. The body will not get the nutrition from the food that is needs. The food never makes it through the digestive track meaning no value is taken from it. The body also has to use its reserves to compensate for the loss. The body is also losing this valuable material. Lack of minerals can lead to dull skin, hair loss, and have effects on the internal organs as well as the overall functioning of the body.

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